Just Rewards

Just Rewards

By: The Think Tank Team

Since 2006, Brain Science has been exploring how recent discoveries in neuroscience are unraveling the mystery of how our brain makes us human.”

Virginia Campbell hosts a podcast that we often refer to in the Think Tanks, and many of us consider the most valuable source of information on the brain. Basically, she interviews neuroscientists on books they have just published, letting us get their most important findings in 60 minutes. It is a wonderful alternative for those of us too busy to read every brain book that comes out, but also an inspiration to read those books whose authors we find particularly interesting. We have learned about embodied cognition, predictive processing, plasticity, and so much more from her podcasts.

Good news. This month, she will be inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame! Congratulations Virginia! You fully deserve it. But wait, there is more…

If you go to the Explore menu of her website, you will see an option, Brain Science for Educators.

You can get some special episodes, some of which are now behind a paywall, if you sign up for her newsletter for educators. If you only listen to one, choose John Ratey or Stanislas Dehaene.

And guess what magazine she is endorsing on that page? Take a look!

Even before these events unfolded, we had decided to start including short pieces about our favorite brain science podcasts in future Think Tanks. If you’d like to write one too, sign up here. Join the mission: Help us spread the knowledge.

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