Brain SIG Officers

Coordinator: Caroline Handley [email protected]

Co-Coordinator:  Curtis Kelly

Programs: Amanda Gillis-Furutaka [email protected]

Programs Shadow: Tom Gorham

Membership: Jason Walters [email protected]

Treasurer: David Scott Bowyer [email protected] 

Publicity: Glenn Magee [email protected]

Publications: Stephen M. Ryan [email protected]

Think Tank Head Editor: Stephen M. Ryan [email protected]

Think Tank Co-Editor: Julia Daley

Think Tank Co-Editor: Skye Playsted (Australia Branch)

Think Tank Designer: Rishma Hansil

Think Tank Graphics: Heather McCulloch

Ad Hoc officers:

Liaisons & PR: Robert Murphy [email protected]

Global Pro Liaison: Barney Meekin

Research and Outreach Liaison: David Poole

Body Police: Steve Jugovic 

Body Police Shadow: Yuka Masda

Neurodiversity Advisor: Alex Burke

Japanese Language Advisor: Harumi Kimura

Member at Large: Marc Helgesen

Member at Large: Joseph Shaules

Member at Large: Michael Rector

Contact us with any questions or comments via: [email protected]