Because it is Summer

Because it is Summer

By: Marc Helgesen

It is Summer. Most Think Tank readers just finished a long, hard semester – many of us dealing with coronavirus and maybe teaching online.

And many of us live in places that are hot in August.

The Think Tank Staff would like to give you a delicious, cold serving of ice cream. Unfortunately, that is hard for us to deliver through the internet. And it would mess up your printer even if we could.

So, instead, we want to share an episode of NPR’s Short Wave, the daily science podcast. This explains the brain science behind brain freezes. They are also known as ice cream headaches. You probably know them by their proper name: sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

By the way, Short Wave’s founding host Maddie Sofia is leaving the program soon. Thanks to her for all the delightful podcasts and fascinating science.

Marc Helgesen, Miyagi Gakuin, Sendai, is author of English Teaching and the Science of Happiness (ABAX), the English Firsthand series (Pearson) and many other books and articles. Websites:, His main interests are positive psychology in ELT, brain science in ELT and BBQ (not necessarily in ELT).

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