Think Tank Staff

Curtis Kelly


Curtis is the original genius behind the Think Tanks. Like the Cerebellum, he coordinates everything behind the scenes to put issues together.

Stephen M. Ryan

Wernicke's Area

Stephen is our main copy editor. Like Wernicke's Area, he processes all submissions to make sure they have the correct words and meanings.

Julia Daley

Prefrontal Cortex

Julia is one of our editors and our site administrator. Like the Prefrontal Cortex, she organizes things so readers can find the information they need.

Marc Helgesen


Marc's the one with a sense of humor who finds the bulk of our intro videos and other interesting tidbits. He and the Hippocampus both look like a seahorse.

Skye Playsted

Temporal-Parietal Cortex

Skye is one of our editors and recruiter of writers. Like the Temporal-Parietal Cortex, she devotes a lot of her time to the social cognition of others.

Heather McCulloch

Ventral Striatum

Heather is our photo-finder extraordinaire. Like the Ventral Striatum, she makes crucial decisions choosing the best images for our articles.

Rishma Hansil

Visual Cortex

Rishma is the creative genius behind the layout of the Think Tank Magazine. Like the Visual Cortex, she connects everything into a cohesive vision.

Jason Walters

Corpus Callosum

Jason brings his journalism background to the editing team. Like the Corpus Callosum, he facilitates communication between voices on opposite sides.

Mohammad Khari

Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex

Just like the VMPFC, Mohammad is devoted to working on integrating emotional processing, decision-making, social cognition, and memory.