Call for Contributions: Ideas & Articles

Become a Think Tank star! Here are some of the future issue topics we are thinking about. Would you, or anyone you know, like to write about any of these? Or is there another topic you’d like to recommend? Do you have any suggestions for lead-in, or just plain interesting, videos? How about writing a book review? Or sending us a story about your experiences? Contact us.

Book Review: Inspirational Stories from English Language Classrooms

In late 2020, The Association for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia, or TEFLIN for short, published a series of eight free ebooks on its website. Dedicated to teacher training and development, these books cover a number of useful themes, such as task-based language teaching, cooperative learning, and materials development. All of them are worth your time and come highly recommended, but today we’ll be focusing on one that is particularly relevant to those of us who enjoy neuroscience-related material, which I assume is everyone reading this article. If not, why are you here?! Go enjoy your life!